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alias_icons's Journal

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Alias Icons
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This community was created to house icons related to the TV show "Alias".
The golden rule:
(You'd think this wouldn't need to be said but...)

Your posts must:

  • Have icons in it (that adhere's to to the rules below)

  • OR

  • Be a specific icon request (that also adhere's to the below rules)

This means no general chatter posts! There are fan communities for this.

1. No unmarked spoiler icons. If the episode the picture is from hasn't aired yet - PLEASE put it behind a cut.

2. If you're posting more than 3 icons in one post - put them behind a cut. This ensures it won't mess up people's friends pages.

3. The maintainers (charismaticgrrl and likegunfire) have the right to amend/add/remove rules - but will notify the community when they does so.

4. Spread the Alias love.

5. Please, no chatspeak. It makes you look silly, and is hard to read.

6. No flaming in comments.

7. Anonymous posting: Currently this is active. However all anonymous posters IPs are logged and screened.
If you wouldn't say it with your username attached - don't say it at all.

8. Any icons relating to a season finale must be kept under a LJ Cut until 1 week after the airing of the episode.

~~ layout from minty_peach ~~


alias_awards - Weekly awards for the best Alias icons
alias_graphics - Fanart, wallpapers, friends only banners - virtually any graphic art that's not an icon.
syd_stillness - Icon contest for Sydney themed icons (non-animated)
alias_stillness - Icon contest for Alias icons (non-animated)
_operationalias - Show discussion, artwork, and icons.

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