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Jennifer Garner & Michael Vartan - THE GARTAN VAULT!

Originally posted by paradisekendra at Jennifer Garner & Michael Vartan - THE GARTAN VAULT!
Hi Everyone,

Okay, so I'm opening up my extremely old "Gartan" Vault, flooding you with my old Jen/Mike fan arts that I made a zillion years ago, or in 2005, which isn't that long ago, but when I made even worse stuff than I do now. I'm learning, but slowly. I love my Gartan, always will, and they remain my favorite RL couple ever. I ship them on and off screen eternally. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. No Bennifer 2 for me. Blah!

These are Jennifer and Michael photos in these fan arts, NOT Sydney and Vaughn photos.

More Gartan Icons Here

Don't you love them? *sigh*


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